Thursday, September 10, 2015

15/16 Months

The last two months have been a blur of busyness and time moving too fast. I always enjoy looking back at old blog posts and so I am not ready to give up blogging quite yet! I had intentions of a 15 month post, but this week marks 16 this will be a combo monthly post.

  • At her 15 month appointment - 22 lbs. 9 oz (50%) & 31.5 inches (75%)
  • She takes 1 nap a day most of the time. About 2-3 days a week she still takes a morning nap, but I have to wake her up after 45 minutes. Dropping the morning nap has been really hard to figure out. We started the process around 15 months, and just take it day by day. My biggest signs that it was time to drop the morning nap came during her other sleep times. Some nights she started waking at night, or she would have a really hard time going down for her afternoon nap. There were a few days she took a morning nap and then it took her over an hour to fall asleep for her afternoon nap. 
  • She loves making animal noises. She started doing them around 14 months, and has added multiple animals along the way. Right now she has a dog, cow, bear, monkey, duck, snake, and a bee. My favorite is the bear, Fletcher's favorite is the bee. 
  • She also loves to make an Indian noise with her mouth
  • Loves to climb! 
  • Since learning to walk, she does not want to be contained. Car seats, high chairs, grocery carts...they are her least favorite places. The car seat isn't always a battle, but the high chair is 80% of the time. 
  • She is so strong willed...when she gets fixated on something she will not let it go. 
  • All the sudden, the last 4 weeks (or so) she seems to understand almost everything we say. The other day I told her it was time to take a nap and she stopped what she was doing, walked to her room, and turned on her white noise. This increased understanding + her strong will has sent us head first into the world of discipline. We have so much to learn! 
  • Food: She has been funny about food lately. She loved blueberries for weeks, but then one day changed her mind and isn't interested in them at all. It seems like that is how it goes with many different foods. The only food that she loves 100% of the time is cheese...she is her mother's daughter. She also loves milk...she really didn't at first, but now she loves it!
  • Favorite things to do: play with Lulu, listen to music and dance, play outside, swing at the park, play with her cousins
  • Favorite toys: all things baby doll and all things kitchen!
  • She is a girly girl...loves jewelry, purses, and trying to wear my shoes!

Life at 16 months is full! She has so much spunk and it is so fun to see her personality more and more each month. She is a busy busy baby, but she is so sweet. So many days, I just want to freeze time and bottle these moments and days up. 

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