Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Scenes Around Our House

Can we flash back to last summer for a minute? I think about last summer so often these days, and it is crazy how much can change in a year. Last summer had sweet precious moments, but this summer is off to such a fun start. Life with a one year old is much different than life with a one month old.  Now that we can finally count on a good night's sleep I have been getting up early in the morning to exercise before B wakes up. I have turned in to such a morning person and really enjoy this quiet time. 
We are spending as much time outside as possible before the thick summer heat sets in. So far this summer has been full of ALL of our favorite things...the lake, the beach, the park, sweet time with cousins, popsicles, the zoo, the splash pad, and more!
Last week we enjoyed another trip to the beach with the Little/Moody fam. We spent a few days in Rosemary and it was practically perfect in every way. Sunshine, delicious food, and wonderful company...we truly could not have asked for a better trip.