Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flynn Family Beach Trip

We kicked off our summer with a trip to the beach with Fletcher's family. It was the perfect getaway after a stressful busy spring. The beach with a one year old comes with a lot of gear and early mornings (at least for us), but we had such a great time! Thanks to Honey, we had all the essentials we needed for B at the beach. B loved the ocean, but was unsure about the sand. She did not want to sit or crawl in the sand. The weather was so pretty that we spent the majority of the time at the ocean, rather than the pool. 
BEACH ESSENTIAL - Baby pool! Especially for a baby who doesn't like the sand. Her favorite activity seemed to be climbing in and out of the pool. 
Time in the sun can be exhausting. Thank goodness for snack time!
The Gulf was a perfect restaurant for a busy baby!

We enjoyed lots of reading time at the beach. I hesitated to even bring a book, because I wasn't sure I would have the opportunity. Much to my surprise, I was able to start and finish Sparkly Green Earrings

B likes to teach me to let go of my expectations. I had it in my head that I wanted a picture as the sun started to go down on the beach. I soon realized it wasn't going to happen on the beach and decided we could try it on the porch. The above picture was the reality. You win some, you lose some.

Until next time, Orange Beach!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Pink & Gold 1st Birthday

We celebrated B's first birthday with a morning brunch party with family. Late morning is typically her happiest time of the day, so it seemed like the perfect time for her party. Planning the food is my favorite part of planning a party. On the menu we had donut kabobs, fruit, sausage balls, chicken and waffles with a peach maple drizzle, and strawberry cupcakes for dessert. 
Smash cake progression...At first she went after the cake very slowly and carefully. But once she got a taste, she wanted the whole cake! 

And here is what happened when I took the cake away...panic!! So I let her have a few more bites. After cake it was time for presents. Luckily, she had some assistance opening her gifts!
She loved all of her gifts! It has been to fun to have a new set of things to play with. I never could have guessed how much she would love her baby doll. The mothering instinct starts young! The baby doll goes everywhere with us, and at night she puts her baby doll in her cradle before I put her in her bed. Seeing her love on her baby makes me melt. 
 Friends who love your baby are such a blessing. It is hard to imagine the last year without Anna. She has been right there with us every step of the way. Her friendship is such a gift!
We are so so thankful for the way our families have loved and supported us as we transitioned to being a family of three. Each family member has blessed us in a unique way and we couldn't have done it without them. Fletcher and I made it through the first year alive...and THAT is something to celebrate!

Monday, May 11, 2015

1 Year

Just like that, my girl is one. Wednesday night I teared up as I rocked my baby girl the evening before her birthday. How on earth had one year gone by so fast? As I thought about my tears, part of me felt silly. This stage is SO FUN, so why on earth was I feeling sad about her first birthday? I feel sad about time moving so fast, but not sad about the place where we are right now. Being a mom has been the greatest blessing and I just want to know that I am soaking up these days that seem to be flying by so fast. I want to know that I am loving her hard enough, teaching her enough, and doing my part to help shape her into the person that God intends for her to be. 
  • Favorite foods: Piggy mac (mac&cheese with ham), grilled cheese, sweet potatoes, applesauce pouches, pears
  • Favorite toys (prior to her birthday): Learning play table, picnic basket
  • Loves to play with my wallet and take out every single card

  • Still loves to read! 
  • Weighs 20 lbs, 10 oz - 50%
  • 30 inches long - 75%
  • Loves to swing & slide at the park
  • Loves to play ball with Lulu
  • Says "dada", "guh" (for dog)
  • Took her first steps on her birthday!
  • She is quite the busy baby. Always on the go and keeping me on my toes. 
  • She has started to shake her head no. I think she understands some things she shouldn't do. She loves to dump over Lulu's food and water bowls, but now when she gets close to them she stops, looks at me, and shakes her head no. Unfortunately, if I can't move fast enough then she often times still dumps them over after she is done shaking her head. 
  • We have only successfully dropped one bottle, but hope to drop two of the others in the next week. The night time bottle is going to be hard to let go of. We have had some serious sleep issues over the last couple of months and we are finally back on track. I'm a little scared to mess with the bedtime routine. However, I know she needs to be done with bottles, so hopefully by 13 months we will have successfully dropped all of the bottles. 

On her birthday, we had the best day! The day started off with sprinkle pancakes, which she LOVED.

After a morning nap we enjoyed lunch with my sister, nephews, and Anna...B had piggy mac, of course! After lunch we went to the pool with Anna and it was so fun. This was her first time in the pool since dipping her toes in last summer. She loved it! She loved it so much that she cried and cried when we had to leave.  After the pool, she took her longest afternoon nap ever! Then we enjoyed dinner with Fletcher's parents that night. 
I never knew that there would be times when I looked at this sweet girl that my heart would physically ache with how much I love her. I praise Jesus for the way He has used this tiny person to shape me over the last year, and I pray that God would give me wisdom as I work to help shape her. This year I have come to know a new joy and am so very thankful for getting to be this girl's mom. 
Happy 1st Birthday Bets! You are such a perfect, spunky addition to our family!