Friday, April 17, 2015

11 months

My girl is 11 months, and I am going to say "11 months" every day until May 7th. How in the world is my baby almost one? I can't even think about it. Lots of transitions are in our near future. New car seats, saying goodbye to formula, etc...the next month holds lots of changes that we may or may not be quite ready for!
  • 3 bottles a day, 3 meals a day. I try to feed her a big breakfast, because the first bottle we are dropping is the first of the day. 
  • 2 naps a day on the days she doesn't go to MDO. On MDO days, we are lucky to have a 30 minute morning nap and then get a good afternoon nap at home
  • She loves to smile and cock her head to the side
  • 6 teeth - and she likes to brush them!
  • She LOVES to read! She has become totally obsessed with books lately and it makes my heart happy! She especially loves lift the flap books. Our favorite books right now are Dear Zoo, Where's Baby's Belly Button, and Let's Get Counting. And the Read Aloud Bible Stories remain a favorite - she loves the big pictures!
  • She likes to give kisses, and is working on blowing kisses, but hasn't quite figured that out yet
  • She seems SO close to walking, but I don't know what is going to make her decide to just do it. She pulls up, cruises, and transfers from one thing to the next. She can really move fast with a walker. It seems like if she tried to walk, she could do it, but she just doesn't want to let go!
  • She still loves to clap and wave, making her the friendliest baby around!
  • She is such a monkey! Our house was full of boxes as we were moving in and I would look over and find her on top of a box, and have no idea how she got there. She also loves to stand up in the cart. The other day I literally caught her as she was leaping in to the main part of the cart at target. I can't figure out how we are going to overcome this new problem...surely our days of strolling around target aren't over! During our most recent trip to Target she spent the second half of the visit in the bottom of the buggy. 
  • My keys and wallet are her favorite "toys" at the moment. She doesn't want to play with her toy keys or Fletcher's keys...she is partial to mine. I have to keep an eye on her, so I don't spend an insane amount of time looking for my keys every time I need to leave the house. She also loves finding my wallet in her diaper bag, and then taking all my cards out. 
  • She LOVES the park. Our new house is really close to a park, which has been so great. If the weather is pretty, we either go on a walk or go to the park every afternoon after she wakes up from her nap. She loves to swing, slide, and watch all the other kids. 
  • Her favorite toy right now is her walker. She moves so fast!
  • She loves to open and close doors, and often closes herself in the bathroom or the pantry. 

Our spunky little monkey keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn't trade her fun-loving personality for the world! She is such a joy, and keeps us smiling.