Tuesday, April 28, 2015

11 Months: What We're Eating Now

As we transition away from formula, I have felt a lot of pressure to be very intentional about Peanut's meals. Previously, I knew she was getting everything she really needed from formula, so if she had peas for dinner every night I didn't worry about it. Now, I feel like I need to incorporate more variety, and make sure she is getting a sufficient amount of fruits and veggies each day. We have tried LOTS of new food in the last month. I have gotten in the habit of making something at the beginning of the week (like baking a few sweet potatoes) and then I just cut it up and it is ready for a quick meal the rest of the week. Her diet still doesn't have tons of variety, but I am slowly incorporating new foods whenever possible. I have a big fear of choking, so I introduce things slowly and carefully. Here is a little bit of what we are loving these days...

  • Pasta! She LOVES Greek Pasta salad, which cracks me up. And of course she loves mac & cheese, but no one is shocked by that!
  • Cheese Toast 
  • Blueberries
  • Sweet potatoes 

Breakfast: Smoothie + scrambled egg. Every morning she has a smoothie and either a scrambled egg or plain cheerios, depending on how my morning is going. I make smoothies for her every other day, and then it is enough for two days. Also, she usually only eats about half of her scrambled eggs, so I save the leftovers for the next morning. Overall, it has worked out pretty well to only be making her breakfast every other day. Her smoothies consist of whole fat yogurt, apple juice, half a banana, frozen berries, and spinach. 

Lunch: Lunch is either spent at school or on the go. For school I usually pack her pears or mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, and a pouch of some sort. Sometimes if we are at home she will have chicken salad or turkey and some kind of fruit. We joke about her having her own little "salad trio" when we go to lunch at Ashley Mac's. She has chicken salad, greek pasta, and mandarin oranges and if she is lucky, she gets a biscuit!One of our favorite pouches is the Happy Squeeze apple/mango/pear/kale pouch.

Dinner: I really love the idea of her eating whatever we eat for dinner. Right now, that seems easier said than done. But I do hope to make that more of a priority as she gets older, so that I'm not making her a special meal all the time. For example, on Easter she was able to eat ham, macaroni, green beans, and fruit. But then one night I made shrimp and salad, and of course she can't really have either of those things. I don't mind making her something special, because obviously she can't just have whatever we are having. But in the future, I don't want to be making her chicken nuggets every night, while I make something else for us. I get really nervous about her eating meat (and choking), so that usually effect her ability to eat what we eat. If we have any kind of roasted vegetables, I let her have some too. Then beyond that I usually have to supplement with peas, green beans, mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, blueberries etc. It's been fun to see her try new things, like for example she loves guacamole, which surprised me. There isn't much that she has tried that she doesn't like.

My diaper bag always has a few snack options to keep us occupied, especially if we are going to a sit down restaurant for dinner. Food keeps her quiet and occupied, so we always try to be prepared. Our favorite snacks are mum mum, little yums, and yogurt melts. 

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