Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Months

10 months and on the move! Fletcher asked this week if I had to choose one word to describe Peanut, what would it be? I said spunky! This biggest event this past month has been sickness and the biggest development has been pulling up. Peanut got a polka dotted virus called, "not the chicken pox" and after nearly three weeks, the dots are still barely lingering. The virus was only bad for a week, but it was a rough week. Many of the spots scabbed, so they are taking a while to completely go away. She was trooper through it all, and I tried to enjoy the extra snuggles and time we got together while she was out of school.
  • She pulls up on EVERYTHING. Once she is up, she cruises along as she holds on,  but she has not stood up without holding on yet. 
  • She prefers to be on her feet. If I try to set her down on her bottom, she makes it clear she wants to stand. She has been practicing walking regularly. 
  • She likes to walk on her tip toes. She may never learn to walk if she doesn't get her feet down flat. 
  • Favorite foods: mandarin oranges and peas. We are slowly transitioning away from purees. She eats cheerios and a breakfast bar for breakfast and then usually peas, mandarin oranges, or pears for dinner. I also try to feed her things off my plate whenever possible - roasted veggies, pasta noodles, etc. She loves the hot cheddar pasta at Urban Cookhouse. I told her it is a sign of how much I love her, that I share it with her! We still do purees at lunch. She is either at school, or we are running errands at lunch time. Pouches are so easy to do on the go, so that is usually her lunch. I'm thankful she still likes the purees, even after we have introduced food. 
  • New tricks: clapping and giving kisses
  • Favorite toys: the walker, and anything she can open and close
  • She waves so much, you would think she is Miss America! 
  • She hates changing clothes. She cries so much about it, every once in a while I just stop to make sure I'm not pinching her. But she is just really dramatic about wardrobe changes, and oftentimes diaper changes. 
  • 5 teeth with more on the way
  • Size 3 diapers

She sure does love her cousins! She probably thinks she is their little sister. 

9 months >>> 10 months