Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Scenes Around Our House

These are scenes around "our house", since we are actually in transition between houses. My sister has been so sweet to let us live with them while we were looking for a new house. We have made some precious memories with the cousins while we have been here. We are so thankful for their hospitality, and we are excited to begin a new chapter as we close on our new house this week.

We have enjoyed the random spurts of warm weather amidst the winter cold. We have tried to soak up every warm day with walks, time at the park, or just general time outside. 

We have been on the go a lot. We have become professional weekend travelers. I can now pack for a weekend in about 10 minutes! We have enjoyed quiet weekends at the lake...

 Sweet weekends soaking up time with friends...

 Our Peanut girl keeps us on our toes. She is into EVERYTHING. I already have visions of myself constantly chasing her as soon as she can walk. This girl is on the go and not easily hindered.
"Dad! Let me help you with that questionnaire!"
And we've been doing our best to survive the coldest days of winter. Is it springtime yet?
 We've had some fun memories this winter. But we are ready for warmer temperatures and more time outside. C'mon March!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

9 Months

Time keeps flying, and I feel like she is going to be one before we know it. Nine months sounds so old! Our sweet peanut is a BUSY little thing, but we are having so much fun watching her explore the world around her.

  • Crawling! She was army crawling for a solid 3 weeks, but then she started to really make big progress in the crawling department. Now she is on the go and moving fast!
  • She gets fixated on certain things, and it is really hard to distract her. Unfortunately, she always seems to be fixated on the things she shouldn't be interested in...cords, outlets, etc. I feel like I can't take my eyes off her for a second. 
  • She loves to open and close things, especially cabinet doors. It has been so fun to watch her curiosity develop. 
  • She is babbling up a storm! Sometimes she inserts happy yells in the midst of all her babbling. She can be so loud, but I don't really know what to do about it at this point.
  • We have ventured out from pureed foods a few times in the last couple of weeks. She does great with scrambled eggs, and I have given her small bites of bananas, strawberries, and roasted carrots. We have done peas multiple times, and she really likes picking those up and eating them. Her first reaction is always an alarmed face and then she shakes her head. I think the biggest adjustment will be getting used to new textures. I have a major fear of choking, so I know I am going to be extra cautious as we slowly move away from pureed foods. 
  • She likes to wave. She hasn't perfected her wave, but she seems to understand that it is associated with "hello" and "bye bye." She just flaps her whole arm up and down. 
  • She loves to shake her head. It is hilarious! Wagging her head is her response to all sorts of things. 
  • She has three teeth. The third tooth snuck up on us. It is on the top, and over to the side so we didn't see it until it was already in. We are hoping her front teeth come in soon, so that top tooth isn't all alone up there!
  • We had to say goodbye to the baby tub. She was constantly climbing out, which made bath time way too difficult. Now she sits in the big bath tub, and surprisingly that has been much easier. 
  • She loves puffs and mum mums. Over the last month, she has really gotten the hang of picking up the puffs and eating them. The puffs are off of her tray in a matter of seconds. 
  • She is working really hard to pull up. She gets up on her knees, and occasionally she pulls all the way up, but usually she needs some assistance. 
  • She has learned how to take her bows out, which is a sad development! Bows and socks now have the same fate...they don't last long. I probably try harder with the bows than I do with the socks...priorities. 
  • 18 lbs, 4 oz (50%) and 28.5 inches long (75-90%)
8 months >>> 9 months