Monday, December 29, 2014

Hope is Alive

"Sing with the angels that fill up the sky
Heaven broke through and now hope is alive
He is right here among us 
Our God is with us tonight,
Hope is alive.
Into our aching, into our breaking
Into our longing to be made whole
Your arms are reaching
Your love is holding us close.
Into our suffering, into our weeping
Into this need we have to be known.
Your arms are reaching, your love is holding us close."
Hope is Alive, Ellie Holcomb

This Christmas season I am thankful that Christ saw us in our weakness and came to give us hope. Far too often, I have tunnel vision. I find myself going around and around but can't look up to consider anything but my present circumstances. Sometimes I fear I will miss Christmas completely, because I can't shift the focus off of myself. I am thankful for the flood of music and teaching that accompanies the Christmas season, and the way it helps me to continually shift my focus away from myself, and back to what Christ did for us by coming to earth as a baby.

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