Monday, November 3, 2014

October...Scenes Around Our House

October was a mixture of fun trips and quiet weekends at home. The Saturdays we were in town we enjoyed lazy Saturday mornings watching Gameday with Daddy-o, or just stayed in bed and soaked up extra snuggle time.
We started rice cereal...
 Took advantage of the cooler weather with lots of morning walks...
 Waited way too late to find a size-appropriate Halloween costume...
 But luckily, Honey found us one two days before Halloween!
We went to Susu's house and went trick or treating with ALL the cousins...
And we did our very best to soak up all the precious moments with our peanut girl. These days are sweet!


  1. These days ARE sweet! Thanks for coming!

  2. The pic of her in the bunny hat in the stroller-- she looks just like you!!