Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beach Trip

Last week we took a girl's trip to the beach with my mom, sisters, and sisters' kids. This was Peanut's first trip to the beach. We had the best time! The biggest difference about being at the beach with a baby is nap time. Because she still takes 3 naps a day, we were back and forth from the beach to the house throughout the day, but luckily our house was close enough to the beach that going back and forth wasn't a big deal. Plus, I have the sweetest mom and sisters to help! Multiple afternoons I went to the beach during Peanut's nap, while someone stayed back with her. This enabled the trip to be both fun AND relaxing. One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see all the cousins together. They are all SO sweet to Peanut. She loved being with her cousins, and I loved being with my mom and sisters. Now let the picture overload begin...
First time to the ocean!
She loved the waves! 
A few mornings, she had her bottle on the beach after her morning nap so that we could be at the beach with everyone. 
One night we attempted some pictures on the beach with Susu. Five kids ages 4 and under is quite the task...I think it is impossible to get all five kids looking at the camera. 

I think we get an A for effort! We tried until the kids were out of smiles!

Afternoon reading time with Ev. 
She seriously loved watching her cousins. I am so thankful that all these sweet kids get to grow up together. 
Monday morning came and we headed home. We were ready to see our daddy-o, but sad to leave the beach. It was a wonderful trip full of delicious food and great company. Until next time, Seagrove!