Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 months

 This post is a little late --- but better late than never! From 3 months to 4 has seemed to be the biggest month of change so far. We have definitely transitioned out of the newborn stage. 

She seems to be growing out of all newborn gadgets, even though I'm still trying to make some work. She scoots off her lounger and when I try to put her in the bouncy seat she arches her back and extends her legs like she is trying to get out. She definitely seems to prefer the bumbo over the bouncy seat. Sometimes I feel like she is trying to tell me "Get me out of here! I'm not a newborn!" I think the next gadget to say goodbye to will be the swing, but I'm not ready yet! 

  • At 4 months --- 13 lbs, 9 oz & 25 inches long...50% for weight and 75% for height. 
  • In the last month she found her feet...and she wants to hold on to them as often as she can! Her newfound love for her feet makes changing her diaper quite the task!
  • We took the newborn sling out of her bath and she sits up like a big girl. She LOVES to splash!
  • She is doing great with her head control. This opens the door to new fun things - like the jump up!
  • She can sit up when she has good support - in my lap, in a chair, etc. 
  • We said goodbye to the swaddle! She is officially in the sleep sack at night and for all her naps. We made the transition to the sleep sack at night about a month ago, but slowly transitioned out of the swaddle. 
  • She loves to watch LuLu. She has started holding her hand out when LuLu walks by like she is trying to pet her. We have already had a few episodes where she has "pet" LuLu and ended up grabbing her hair. Thankfully, LuLu is sweet and patient with her.
  • This past weekend (so a week after she turned 4 months) she rolled over! She goes from her back to her tummy. This has been a big development! We had to take the bumpers off of her crib, and in general I feel like I can't let her out of my sight now that she is rolling. 
  • She discovered blowing bubbles/spitting and it is one of her favorite things to do. Usually when I go get her out of bed in the morning, she is laying in her crib blowing bubbles.
  • She loves her daddy! Seeing her face light up when he gets home from work is the sweetest thing.

    3 months >>> 4 months!
    Four months is a FUN stage. All we are missing in our lives is a good night's sleep. Hopefully that will be coming soon. Even though we aren't sleeping through the night yet, we have so much fun during the day! We sure are thankful for our precious peanut girl.