Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 months

  • She LOVES to "talk", and for you to talk to her. Hello social baby!
  • We are in the process of dropping the swaddle. I think it may take a while. We are one arm out during naps at this point!
  • She still loves her hands!
  • She really loves her play mat. I thought she loved it before, but the love just keeps growing! Now she can swat at the things hanging down, which really cracks her up. She also loves the music and lights. 
  • She wakes up really happy in the morning. After I first hear her in the morning, I usually let her stay in her bed for a few more minutes and wake up slowly. She just lays in her crib and talks to herself. She always seems really surprised when I come in and get her. 
  • She is still waking up about an hour in to her naps, and I have to get her back to sleep. We are in the early stages of sleep training, and naps are on the agenda for the coming weeks.
  • She is still in size 1 diapers. She averages 7 diapers a day. 
  • She likes to be outside, but not when it is too bright. After dinner is a good time for us to be outside. 
  • She takes 4 naps a day.
  • She is doing really well with holding her head up. She is going to be sitting up before we know it. 
  • She wakes up once in the night to eat - usually sometime around 4. 
  • She is working on her hand eye coordination. She can grab things that you hold in front of her. 
  • She is becoming more interested in her toys. She will sit in her bouncy chair and look at/play with a toy while I cook dinner. 
2 months >>> 3 months
She is such a happy baby! All of the sudden she seems to be growing and changing really fast. We are loving every minute with our sweet 3 month old girl!