Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Snippets

For the most part, our days look the same at this stage. On average, we don't get out much...but we haven't gotten out some this summer, and we have even hit the road a few times! Earlier this month, we took our first road trip to Memphis. Not without lots of help! I needed a change of scenery and Fletcher's mom and my mom worked together to make it happen. They met each other halfway, so that I didn't have to do the trip by myself. We truly have the best moms! Our time in Memphis was so refreshing. It was nice to have my mom's help and just to have a change of scenery. In an effort to get good naps and establish a sleep schedule, we spend a lot of time at home. Looking at the same four walls all day every day can start to make a person crazy. A little road trip was just what we needed!
We went in the middle of the week, and Fletcher came for the weekend. For the most part, Peanut did great in the car.
As we were pulling back into Birmingham, she was like "Get me out of this seat!"
While we were in Memphis, we went to a wedding. Our first major outing without Peanut! We all survived the separation, and we enjoyed getting to catch up with friends and celebrate our friend Danielle's marriage. 
We came home on Father's Day. This was the first time in 16 years I have woken up excited about Father's Day. I was thrilled to celebrate Fletcher this year for the first time. He is such a great Daddy-O already and I can't wait to see him and Peanut together over the years. She already thinks the world of him! I can't imagine the last 6 weeks without all of his help and support. 
 In June, we ended up getting to see these sweet friends THREE weekends in a  row. After not seeing them since September?! It was so great to spend so much time together this month. We can't wait for them to welcome their baby boy in August. We are already ironing out the details of an arranged marriage.
This past weekend rounded out our marathon of togetherness. We welcomed the first official day of summer at the lake! 
We still aren't sleeping much these days...but this weekend our early morning view was worth it. Sunrises are always a reminder of God's faithfulness. "As sure as the sun will rise, His mercies will not end" (one of our other recent favorites - Ellie Holcomb's As Sure as the Sun cd). Again, never underestimate a change of scenery. Traveling with a newborn is exhausting, but in our experience it has been worth it. I wouldn't have called our 45 minute trip to the lake traveling until we did it with a newborn. Our car was full to the max for our weekend away!
Our average summer day looks a lot like this...
Mixed in with time with our cousins...
Our Honey...
And our favorite teacher, Anna!
Our favorite thing about summer is definitely all of the company that we keep. Having my sister in town has been super helpful. I call her the "Newborn Coach" and utilize her help and expertise regularly. Plus we always love a little cousin time! My friend Anna is an elementary school teacher and since she is off for the summer we get to see her multiple times a week. She always comes to hang out with us and doesn't mind that we aren't the most exciting bunch. And of course, we always love our visits with Honey. Our visitors are the bright spot in our summer days!

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