Sunday, April 27, 2014


We have officially reached the end! This week marks 40 weeks and hopefully this time next week we will have met our baby girl! I have truly been blessed with a comfortable pregnancy overall. However, when the clock struck 39 weeks, the discomfort got real. I am having more and more trouble sleeping, which is probably a good transition for the weeks to come. My ankles have swelled to new sizes and my feet can hardly fit in my shoes. Even as I complain, I am thankful that life didn't become so uncomfortable until the very end! We should be able to waddle through the next few days without too much trouble :).

This week has been an odd mixture of overwhelmed/excited, of feeling like there are one hundred things I should be doing, and not knowing what to do with myself at the same time. It is really hard to believe we are days away from welcoming our first baby into the world.
All 3 of us are eagerly awaiting her arrival! The next few days will mostly involve tying up loose ends at work and trying to get my ducks in a row on the home front. The nursery is 90% done and for the most part ready for it's resident. My hospital bag is packed and the preliminary paperwork filled out. The to-do list for the week ranges from thank you notes, to oil changes, to baby gadget assembly, to squeezing in one last pre-baby date!

Monday, April 7, 2014

March, April, & Third Trimester Snippets

These last few weeks have been full to the brim as we prepare for baby girl's arrival. At the end of February we decided we needed to make a list of new restaurants we wanted to try, and old favorites that we wanted to visit, before dates become a lot more complicated. 
First stop - Chuck's. Oh my goodness, so delicious. Pictured above - crab stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp. It is owned by the same people who own Harbor Docks at the beach.
We hit up our favorite breakfast spot - Over Easy. We actually have eaten here twice over the last month!
We went on a double date with the Brooks and got to try El Barrio. It was great! Different than your typical Mexican place, but such a neat atmosphere and we loved it!
Our downtime has been full with baby prep and organization. I think this is the first time in my life I have enjoyed laundry. Baby laundry is just the sweetest! I don't think people make baby girl clothes in any color but pink :). 
Lu has been very helpful with all the baby prep. She loves to sit in the nursery with me. In March, we had a scare with our sweet fur baby. One afternoon she got hit by a car right in front of our house. Fletcher and I both saw it. It was horrible. Miraculously, she bounced back. Literally, bounced off the bumper of the car, hit the ground, and popped up. She must be a tank, because she walked away with no injuries, and she broke the bumper of the car. 
After a trip to the emergency vet, we recovered with lots of puppy ice cream and nights sleeping in the bed. She was sore for a few days, but it wasn't long until she was back to herself. As soon as she perked back up, it was back to sleeping on the floor. You can only imagine how crowded a queen bed was with a pregnant person, a pregnancy pillow, a husband, and a 60 lb. dog. We couldn't afford to create too many bad habits before life changes in a few weeks.
At the end of March, we got to celebrate this little guy's first birthday. He was born the day before my birthday, so it was a full weekend of celebration!
My mom and I made this cake for my birthday. Lacey recommended it, and it was so delicious! I'm not a big cake/icing fan, so this was my favorite kind of cake. Nutella + Whipped Cream + Strawberries + Chocolate Cake. Take my advice and make this cake for your next occasion. 
We decided to try to sneak in one last weekend getaway at the beginning of April. My doctor said that typically she doesn't recommend traveling after 36 weeks, but she said I was close enough to 36 weeks that it would be fine. We went to Orange Beach for a long weekend of R&R. It rained the majority of the weekend, but it was so nice to just relax. We still have so much left to do to on the home front and it was nice to just get away from all the to-do lists and do nothing but soak up quality time together. We came back home feeling full and refreshed! Now, we are staying put for the next few weeks!
 It is really hard to believe we just have 3-ish weeks left before we meet our baby girl. We are emotionally so ready to meet her, and physically trying to tie up loose ends and make sure we have everything ready! Overall, my pregnant body is getting tired, but in general this pregnancy has been very easy up until the end.

SLEEP. I wake up at least once a night, always at 2:00am and sometimes I wake up at other points throughout the night. When I wake up at 2:00am, all I can think about is how hungry I am.
EATING. This baby is taking up more room every day. I go from starving to SO FULL. I usually start feeling stuffed about halfway through my meal, and then end up getting hungry again before too long. Still no bizarre cravings!

I can definitely feel myself slowing down. I am really tired at the end of the day. Physically the aches and pains of the third trimester have hit...aching back and swollen ankles. I am starting to understand what people are talking about when they talk about the last few weeks making you more ready for the end! The end is in sight and we can't believe it! Here's to hoping we finish the nursery in next couple of weeks, and that I make it back to the blog with a nursery update!