Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnancy Post: Time is Ticking...Third Trimester Part 1

I truly can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. I think the "golden stage" of pregnancy has come to an end, but I really can't complain too much. Everyone says time slows down at the end, and I am counting on it! I definitely need time to move more slowly. Looking back on the last month, I haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped. Here's to hoping March is the most productive month yet. So far here is what we have accomplished...
  • Completed an Infant CPR class
  • Signed up for a Hospital Tour
  • Signed up for a Breastfeeding Class
  • Ordered all fabric for the nursery and picked out the paint color
  • Read half of Baby Wise
Our nursery progress has been slow the last couple of months, but now it is crunch time. We are moving forward with our vision and excited to see it come together. 
Nursery hopes for March....
  • Paint 
  • Make the curtains
  • Pick out a light fixture
  • Find a bookshelf
  • Organize drawers and closet
As far as Baby 411 goes, I know March is going to be a good month. We are signed up for our remaining classes (all of which will take place in March).  I hope to finish Baby Wise, and also get through 12 Hours in 12 Weeks. For various reasons, I decided not to take a birthing class. So let me know if there is anything you think I should know :).

Baby girl is growing at a RAPID rate. I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Today a co-worker told me that two weeks ago I didn't look pregnant and now I'm "really popping out". She told me this right after I read my 31 week update that informed me she was "heading in to a growth spurt." I can feel my skin stretching, and some mornings I wake up and literally can tell I grew overnight. Around 20 weeks I started using Bio Oil once a day. They recommend applying it twice a day, which I have tried to do the last week or so. It is easier to remember to put it on multiple times a day now that my stomach is sticking out so much.
Can we talk about the snoogle for a minute? I have read so many things about people who majorly love their snoogle. I got the mini and have been pleased, but it is not my best friend. The bottom line is, I would recommend a pregnancy pillow. It does help align my hips, support my stomach, and in general helps me fall asleep. It just tends to give me trouble once I wake up in the night. 

Wrapping it up with a few third trimester tidbits...
  • SLEEPING. Honestly, this is one of the major signs that the golden stage is over. About once a week I will sleep all the way through the night. Other nights I wake up 1-2 times for trips to the bathroom, leg cramps, etc. I have decided it is the Lord's way of preparing mother's for interrupted sleep. A smalls transition into sleepless newborn nights. 
  • MOVEMENT. Baby girl is moving LIKE CRAZY. I think she is an acrobat. Sunday I wore a long necklace to church and at one point I watched the necklace move because of her kicking. It wasn't the first time I could see her kick through my clothes. She also gets the hiccups on a weekly basis.  I am glad she is healthy and moving around a lot, but sometimes all the movement makes me lost my appetite. 
  • CRAVINGS.  I still have not craved anything bizarre. The main thing is when I decide I want something, it is an intense feeling. For example, Saturday I was going to lunch with a friend. While we were circling the parking lot at Urban Cookhouse looking for a spot, I called her and asked if we could go to Taco Mama instead (15 minutes away). 
  • EMOTIONS. Y'all...the third trimester has come with a noticeable increase in extreme emotions. Translation: You should feel very sorry for my husband. I can cry at the drop of the hat. It is really unfortunate...and we are talking crocodile tears, not a light tearing up. Another added emotion is the intense need to soak up every day together before baby girl gets here. I do not want Fletcher to leave my side on the weekends, bless him. 
Looking ahead to the next few weeks:
  • Serious Nesting: Nursery decoration and organization & overall home organization
  • Operation Stock Up: I plan to stock up on essentials & and stock the freezer
  • Baby Showers:  The thing I am most looking forward to in March! I can't wait to celebrate Baby Girl with friends and family!