Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Wrap Up

It is so fun for me to look through pictures of the past year and pick out the highlights. SO MUCH has happened this year! What fun we have had celebrating milestones with friends and family. Of course, the year involved lots of time with the munchkins, and the celebration of a new munchkin!

The year was FULL of wedding festivities, since four of my close friends got married in a four month period!

Somehow we found time to sneak in trips to the lake, beach, and mountains!

We celebrated the BIGGEST news - our family of two is going to be a family of three. And we found out that we are having a baby girl!
2013, you have been a GREAT year. Our hearts are so full as we reflect back on the last year and look forward to 2014. 2014, I'm counting on you to be the most exciting year yet! It is always fun for me to write this post, and look back at the previous years' posts...2010, 2011, 2012

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas season has been a whirlwind. Between Thanksgiving being late this year, a super busy holiday season at work, and pregnancy, I was totally behind this Christmas. We never quite finished our Christmas decorations, didn't send out a Christmas card, didn't make goodies for neighbors and friends, and I even found myself shopping for presents on Christmas Eve. I'm hoping that this Christmas season is not telling of all Christmas seasons to come. If pregnancy makes me behind, who knows how behind I will be when I actually have a baby. But we won't think about that...I am committing to planning ahead for Christmas 2014.  The good news is that Christmas isn't about decorations and presents and being super on top of things. We had a wonderful day celebrating with Fletcher's family. I am thankful for the time to pause and remember our Savior's birth, and the hope and new life we have in Christ. 
Christmas Eve we went to church and then had Fletcher's family over for dinner. 
Mushroom puffs are always an entertaining staple at our house. For dinner we had chicken and wild rice casserole, salad, and rolls. 

For dessert we had white chocolate pecan bars, peanut butter balls, and mint brownies.
Christmas day we headed over to Fletcher's parents house and spent the day with his family. After a delicious breakfast, it was time to open gifts. Baby girl got all sorts of goodies for Christmas! It is so fun to unwrap pink baby things!

After dinner, we played Christmas bingo. We had such a great time playing, and the game was complete with fun prizes! It was a fun and festive way to end the night. We loved getting to soak up the day with Fletcher's family and are looking forward to seeing my family this weekend!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Annual Christmas Dinner

 I love Christmas traditions. I have been thinking a lot about Christmas traditions this year, and specifically the Christmas traditions I want to have when baby girl is here. I love the idea of having things to look forward to every year and making an effort to do special things this time of year. This past weekend we had a Christmas dinner with some of our closest friends. Anna, Sarah Beth, and I lived together in the Beach House, and now are taking advantage of living in the same city again. Anna had the idea to have this Christmas dinner, and I'm so glad she suggested it. We had the best time! We decided this dinner is definitely going to be an annual tradition. 

Sarah Beth hosted us and pulled out the fine china and silver. It was such a treat to have the table all fancied up for our fancy dinner. We had pork tenderloin, twice baked mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped green beans, rolls, and white chocolate bars for dessert. It was delicious!

Old friends + new traditions...It doesn't get much better than that. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ribbons and Bows

Last week we had the much anticipated ultrasound appointment. We were so anxious to find out the news! We found out one week ago, and I think I am still in shock that we are having a girl!
It feels silly to talk about how convinced I was that it was a boy, but I was convinced! Over the last few months, I had THREE different dreams that we were having a boy. Plus Fletcher's family is full of boys, so I just thought we had to be having a boy too. You can imagine my surprise when the ultrasound lady said that it was a girl. I asked her to double check, and she started typing "99.9999% sure" on the screen. It was really fun to find out the gender of our baby, but the main blessing of last week's appointment was hearing that baby girl looked healthy.  I felt relieved and thankful as the ultrasound tech checked one thing after another and responded with "that looks great". We feel so grateful for the gift of this baby and are praising the Lord for a good report from the doctor. 
Finding out the gender made the pregnancy feel so much more real. Yesterday I reached 20 weeks - halfway there. It is really hard to believe! Last week I moved into the world of maternity pants, I knew the days of regular pants were coming to an end. Right now it feels like I am in the golden stage of pregnancy - no more morning sickness, but not huge and uncomfortable yet. I guess these golden weeks are bound to fly by. My only current pregnancy problem is sometimes my legs go numb. I noticed it over the last few weeks, and then the ultrasound tech brought it up at my appointment. She said that based on where the baby was positioned I might lose feeling in my legs sometimes. Overall, things are good in the pregnancy world. Reaching the halfway point has definitely put the pressure on. I decided I need to make short term goals so that I don't get too overwhelmed. Here are my goals for the next few weeks...
  • Baby Girl's Name - Our goal is to have a name by Christmas!
  • Register
  • Start reading books about babies (on the shelf - Baby Wise & 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks)
  • Start decorating the nursery