Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pregnancy Post - Second Trimester

Week 14: The morning sickness disappeared! I was discouraged throughout weeks 12 and 13, when the morning sickness seemed to be getting worse, not better. Week 14 - we turned a corner! Appetite is still pretty nonexistent. Also, I still get really tired at night. Some nights I make it until 10, some nights I'm asleep at 8:30.

Week 15: Overall an uneventful week. Baby bump is starting to show in some things that I wear, but it is still pretty easy to hide. 

Week 16: The baby bump is growing! Still wearing normal pants, but not sure how much longer that will last. The baby is the size of an avocado, and expected to double in size over the coming few weeks. My appetite is still bizarre. I'd be happy to live on chocolate chip ice cream and potatoes, but obviously that won't work. Main aversion - meat. I have forced it into my diet, but it is not a pleasant experience. Weekly staples: apples, strawberries, pineapple, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potatoes, and chocolate chip ice cream.
The kitchen staff at work has been so sweet! Whenever they make the twice-baked mashed potato casserole, they make a little bowl for me. One day they made it and I was at a meeting at a different location. They sent the potatoes in a to go box for me to eat during my meeting! Another bonus - they all remember that my pregnant self doesn't like bacon (I know, it is real sad!), so they don't top the potatoes with bacon like they normally would. 

Week 17: I hit week 17 yesterday, so not too much to report yet. My pants are fine at the beginning of the day, but a little snug by the end of the day. I have implemented the ponytail holder method on my pant's button to help in the transition from regular pants to maternity pants. It's a nifty little trick that gives me a little more room. I do love putting on my favorite sweatpants at the end of the day, but let's be honest...I've always loved putting on my sweatpants this time of year. Countdown to the gender appointment....2 weeks! We are so ready to know!

I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast. Up until this point, I have just been carrying on as usual, I haven't done much to prepare for what is about to happen. I have 3 books on my nightstand that I need to start reading. We are also in the beginning stages of cleaning out the room that will be the nursery. I think once we know the gender, I will really start my preparations! This week I received an email titled, "What labor really feels like", I deleted it. I'm not quite ready to think about that yet!


  1. So glad to read this post! Even though we have talked, I didn't realize that you had turned that morning sickness corner! Yay!!! And how super sweet of your co workers to keep you supplied with mashed potatoes. so great! love to Baby Flynn from Balty!! Counting down to gender reveal!

  2. hahaha laughing at the what labor will feel like email!! Maybe baby f will be vegan?

  3. I can't quit laughing about that deletion! Tomorrow IS another day! By the time it's time for labor, you'll be ready. I promise.