Monday, November 4, 2013

Anniversary Getaway

This weekend we enjoyed a little anniversary getaway. We spent two nights in Asheville, NC and then one night in Atlanta. We were debating between the two destinations for our anniversary weekend and it worked out so well to split up the trip and do one night in Atlanta on the way back. I had never been to Asheville before and I was so excited to go! I spent a lot of time researching and we had the best time exploring Asheville. Our first stop was Sunny Point Cafe. It was such a neat little breakfast spot. Fletcher ordered the shrimp and grits and I built my own omelet + potatoes. Their coffee was delicious!
Potatoes are my pregnancy jam.  Potatoes have been one of the only foods I've actually enjoyed over the last few months. Next stop of the morning, the Biltmore!

The day we went was the first day of their Christmas decorations. It was such a treat! I loved touring the house and learning more about the Vanderbilt family. It is crazy to see all of the amenities the house had and how advanced it was for it's time. Hours and miles later we wrapped up the tour and headed to downtown Asheville. 
 We stopped for lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. It was so great! My favorite parts were the mint sweet tea and my side of homemade macaroni and cheese. Fletcher's favorite part was the biscuits! After walking around downtown and soaking up the scenery, we did a little antiqueing.

My weary feet only had the energy for one antique store, so we chose the Tobacco barn. It was neat!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the scenery. Asheville is so beautiful this time of year! I could not get enough of the trees and the mountains. We took a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway to soak up the fall beauty. 
We did pop in the world's nicest McDonalds in the Biltmore Village. There were way too many good restaurant options to spend a meal at McDonald's, but we did check it out. It was super nice! Grand piano and chandeliers! Saturday afternoon we hit the road to Atlanta. We loved our stay at the Intercontinental hotel and enjoyed a little shopping and of course more eating in Atlanta. 
We chose South City Kitchen for our Atlanta dinner and it did not disappoint. From the cornbread starter to the banana pudding for dessert, it was delicious! Southern food with a can you go wrong with that? I can not say enough good things about our getaway. It was such a wonderful weekend of quality time and rest. We loved our time in Asheville and look forward to going back again!


  1. That looks like some good eatin'! It makes me want to plan a trip to Asheville.

  2. Happy Anni!!!! So fun!!!!! Also, love that potatoes are your pregnancy jam! They are your forever jam! ;)