Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Favorites

I'm loving all things fall.  Favorite month of the year, please don't end!
Sweet cinnamon pumpkin soap. I'm a sucker for a good soap and this one is my fall favorite. 
Autumn festival candle. We are still working on Fletcher's appreciation of my love for candles, but this one is THE BEST! 
Purchased this cd bright and early Monday morning. And I love it. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan...and not ashamed!
If you don't already watch Parenthood, then it's about time you start. This is no doubt my favorite show on television. Tuesday nights you'll find me in front of the tv in tears. It gets me every.time.
The fourth quarter is here and the long work days have started. Earlier this week the sun was rising on my drive in to work. I had to pull over to take a picture...It was incredible. I am so thankful for the ways the Lord reminds us of His presence. 


  1. Cool things! We decided to watch Parenthood at the beginning of this season - so good!

  2. Can you tell we spend a little time together?? I love all these things too!

  3. Gonna have to get my hands on that candle scent! And also-PH...there are not enough words. I heart it so much.