Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Auburn Weekend

Last weekend I got to spend some great quality time in Auburn with my sweet engaged friends. Lacey and her family were there so that her little sister Maggie could see Auburn again (in the midst of trying to make her big college decision). And Anna's family was in Auburn to see her little sister who is a freshman. The game was definitely the low point of the weekend (clearly Auburn football is struggling), but we had the best time just getting to be in Auburn and spend time with each other. We enjoyed getting to walk around Auburn and see all the changes, and of course all our old favorite places. 
Best friends + little sisters + little sister's best friends
I loved getting to spend time with these two and hear all about their wedding planning details. Anna is getting married June 1st and Lacey is getting married July 20th. It is hard not to live in the same place with them during this exciting time in their lives, but it makes weekends like this all the more special. 
I also got to check another item off the "100 things" list. This is the crabcake and avocado sandwich from Amsterdam Cafe. I always get the same sandwich at Amsterdam, but since I had just gotten to eat there the weekend before I ventured out. It was really great! 

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