Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Month of Meal Planning

I love planning.  Sometimes I'm afraid I love planning too much. When my sister's family lived at our house for a few weeks I was introduced to her method of meal planning. She plans out a week of meals and then makes her grocery list from there. I always planned the meals in my head, but something about writing them down seemed like a great idea. So I started planning the meals for each week and writing them down in my planner. Lately I've been struggling with what to cook. I stare at my empty paper for entirely too long before I decide what to buy at the store. 

There are a lot of things I have to take into account when I'm deciding what to cook for the week. Monday's I like to cook something quick and easy. First of all because it's a Monday, and second of all because that is my bible study night, which means we have a 30 minute window between when Fletcher gets home from work and when I leave for bible study. Atleast once a week, usually Wednesdays, Fletcher works late, so I'm on my own for dinner (therefore I don't cook, unless mac & cheese counts!). Thursdays are family dinner night w/ my sister's family. My sister and I take turns cooking, so every other Thursday we are eating at her house. Put all that together and sometimes I only cook once or twice a week.
Another reason I decided to try out a month of meal planning...Things at work are starting to pick up for me. There are lots of changes going on coupled with the preparation for the 4th quarter (Our busiest time of the year). I have been thinking of ways I can minimize my stress in these upcoming months. I decided I was going to try to plan our meals for an entire month.

 I know that things will come up and our plans might change during the month, but I'm okay with that. I will have the framework in place and we can be flexible as each week comes. If one night we want to go to dinner with friends, we will go. If this method goes well in September, I will continue to plan a month at a time through the end of the year. There are a couple of new recipes in this month's plan, so I will report back if they become favorites.

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