Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Extra Special 4th of July Celebration

This year I had ZERO plans for the 4th of July. The husband had to work and so it was just going to be me and Lu hanging out for the day. Thankfully around noon my day got MUCH more exciting. One of my very best friends got engaged! Anna and Ryan went on their first date to Junior prom in high school. They took a break at the beginning of college, but then got back together and have been going strong ever since. Ryan is about to start his 3rd year of Law School at Vanderbilt. Anna is a teacher in Dothan and she has been a CHAMP at long distance over the last 2 years.
Yesterday day morning they went on a hike at Oak Mountain State Park and Ryan proposed at the end of their hike. Anna called me from the park and said "We just went on a hike at Oak Mountain and we were thinking we might stop by your house on the way home." I didn't think anything of it because my house was on their way home, and Anna had just gotten in town the night before and I hadn't seen her yet. She knew I didn't have anything going on that day, so I didn't think anything of the phone call. When I got off the phone Fletcher was convinced that Anna was engaged, but I talked him out of thinking that. Turns out I was wrong! They walked in the door and I freaked out!! 

I got to spend the rest of the afternoon and night with the newly engaged couple. It was such a fun day of celebrating! That night we went to dinner and then went to see the fireworks with Sarah Beth and Tom.
It was so fun to all get to be together on such a fun day and get to celebrate with sweet Anna! I could not be happier for Anna and Ryan!


  1. So happy for sweet Anna!!! What a beautiful ring!!! So glad you got to celebrate the day with them!