Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beauty and joy are found in every overcoming

I find myself daily encouraged by Ann Voskamp's wisdom on her blog. One of her recent posts was a shot straight to my heart. If you do not already read her blog, you need to start!

"When we fixate on the worst in something, we render ourselves incapable of fixing anything. But attend to the good in something-and we act towards the best in everything...To be an optimist for a moment you have to be a pessimist. Because sometimes you can only be an optimist when you have a plan for the pessimist in you. So, you play out the worst case scenario: What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? And there aren't wolves, trouble, kids, hatred, debts, messes, betrayal, teenagers, disease, lack, hard times, untruths, diagnoses, or disappointment that could possibly separate you from the love of God. Nothing can separate you from Him...Focus on the good in the struggler and the straggler. Believe just this moment that everything is being transformed. Every step towards something beautiful already accomplishes something beautiful. Beauty and joy are found in every overcoming along the way."

I loved the daily scenarios that she plugged in to the truth that is found in Romans 8. I found myself plugging in my own personal scenarios, and was overcome with how petty the things I worry about are. It was a great reminder to always make the connection between the things that overwhelm us and the truth that nothing can separate us from the love of God. 

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