Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and productivity. I have been a little discouraged lately about our progress around the house. We have so many projects we want to do, or have already started, but it has been hard to find the time to really cross things of the list. But this is the first weekend that we have both been off work and in town in a while, so I also wanted to be able to soak up some quality time with each other. So we decided we would spend half the weekend at the lake and half the weekend at home. Friday after we got off work we headed down to the lake. The weather was absolutely wonderful. Saturday was the perfect day! I woke up before the sun and sat out on the porch drinking my coffee and watching the sun rise.

It was just the kind of quiet morning I needed. We spent the day sitting by the water and got a good dose of Vitamin D. It was so nice not to have anything else to do but relax. This was Lulu's first trip to the lake, and she loved it!

She would sprint around the yard until she wore herself out. Then she would crash. She has been very subdued since we got home from the lake. I think she wore herself out for a couple days...I'm not complaining about that! For lunch we enjoyed chicken salad, pimento cheese, andthis guacamole. I discovered my love for guacamole on our honeymoon and now whenever the weather starts to warm up it is all I want to eat!

Before we left we crossed off another item on the "100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die"...Durbin Farms Peach Ice Cream. We always go to Peach Park when we go to the lake, but this was my first visit to Durbin Farms. It was delish.

Sunday I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and Fletcher spent the afternoon doing yard work. We didn't end up getting to our projects, but we got caught up on things around the house. Even though we didn't cross anything off our project list, it was worth it to get some quality time together and have a little miniature getaway.


  1. We're at the lake this weekend! Let's catch up soon!