Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Friday! Here is my week chronicled in phone pictures...

I am loving this spring weather and everything in bloom. Our neighborhood is so pretty right now. I love getting to walk outside and get flowers for the kitchen table.

Our current problem is that we have a 50 lb dog that thinks she is a lap dog. Never have I known a dog who likes to be so physically close to people at all times. It is sweet, but sometimes I feel bad for our guests.

This week was full of birthday celebrations. Wednesday night we celebrated with my sister and she got these delicious cupcakes.

Little nephew man is pulling up on everything and crawling everywhere! I can hardly believe how big he is getting!

This is what I woke up to on the morning of my birthday. Fletch made me feel so special all day, from the minute I woke up until I fell asleep!

I enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes in bed...delicious! I typically go in to work a couple of hours earlier than Fletcher so he is always still asleep when I leave. It was so fun just to see him in the morning but extra fun for him to make me my favorite pancakes!

It is a blessing/curse to be friends with the pastry chef at work. She knows that cookie dough is my favorite and I came back from lunch to a mixing bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough. Please note the spoon in the bowl.

For my birthday dinner Fletcher and I ate at a Sushi restaurant in a fun part of downtown. My favorite part was the crab fondue with wonton chips. But the sushi was great too!

I had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful birthday week. Things that I didn't capture - Birthday dinner with my friends from work at my favorite Mexican Restaurant & lunch with Fletcher's mom on my birthday. I ate like a queen and was treated like a queen all week! I sent 23 out with a bang and 24 is off to a great start.

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  1. What a fun week! Hope it is followed up by a great weekend!