Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words to live by

I am still in the process of reading One Thousand Gifts. Each chapter stirs my heart so much that I feel the need to stop and process everything I read. I also never let myself read the book when I'm tired because I want to be able to fully soak in each page. So I've been making slow progress. In the meantime I have started to read Ann Voskamp's blog. Today's post was a truth I needed to be reminded of...

"Rest time is not lost time; rest time is what gives meaning to the rest of time...If we refuse rest and think of our work more important to Him than our rest in Him, we make our calling into the golden calf. If we don’t take breaks, we break. He knows it: in the digital era we have lost all sense of seasons. All sense of day and night and on and off and fertility and furlough and idol and God. We wind the world, our bodies, tight and let go and expect to be in motion forever, spun, us watchmakers of our own."
-Ann Voskamp

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