Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fam Comes to Town

This past summer my sister moved to Baltimore for her husband's residency. After being used to having her in the South it has been quite the adjustment to have her and her sweet family live so far away. After they moved Allison and Ev planned a trip to come visit for a whole week! Since Allison and the bug don't make it to the South very often the rest of my family wanted to come and see them too! Allison and Ev were at our house for a week and then my mom and Ab came for the weekend! It was such a great weekend and we soaked up every minute together.

Fletch has been so excited about the bug's visit that he has been searching for toys for months. Molls wasn't sure what to do with all the extra commotion. So she just stuck to her usual spot under the coffee table.

It was so fun to get to see Eli and Ev together. Eli is such a chill baby and Ev is such a busy bee. Eli would just sit and watch Ev run around.

Ev loves to read more than any toddler I've ever known! Saturday we went to check out the new library in town. It was so nice and Ev loved getting to play with the toys and look at all the books. (Sorry SuSu I cut off your head!)

Now the following pictures are an attempt at a photoshoot with the cousins...

Sunday Ab's family hit the road in the morning and Susu left in the afternoon. Allison and Ev still had one more day in b'ham! We went and walked around Samford's campus and got to play with these sweet goldendoodle puppies!

I had such a great time with my family and it was so hard to see them all go back in their separate directions!


  1. We had such a good time. Thanks so much for having us!