Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a laid back Memorial Day weekend, and I soaked up every minute of the little miniature break. We started working on painting our kitchen, continued to unpack boxes, and just hung out with each other. Weekends when we are both off work are hard to come by, so even though Fletch didn't have Memorial Day off we enjoyed Saturday and Sunday together. I decided to make a fun meal and dessert for Memorial Day, especially since I didn't have to work-I had plenty of time. And nothing says summer to me like fruit pizza! This time I wanted to try making little individual fruit pizzas instead of one big one. I just used Pillsbury's sugar cookie dough and then tried Darby's recipe for the icing...delicious! We had a great weekend and I'm thrilled about a 4 day work week...and I will be seeing my family in just 4 days! I can't wait!

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