Friday, April 29, 2011

Much to be Thankful For.

The devastation all around us is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Our area was hit harder by the first set of storms, but the tornadoes that went through Tuscaloosa missed us. Our area we live now, and the area around our new house are like war zones. We are so thankful that both of our houses miraculously remained untouched. Our new house has some trees down, but the house itself seems to be fine. It is ironic how the very thing I listed in the last post as one of my favorite things about the house (lots of trees) is the thing that made my heart stop when I entered the neighborhood on Wednesday. Our power is out and the most recent news we have heard is to expect it to be on 7-10 days from the date of the storm (Wednesday). There are so many power lines down that I am not too hopeful for power to come back on quickly. So the blog posts will be scarce for a while, but we are safe and sound! I've posted a few pictures from my phone, to show our area. Below is a building in the same parking lot where I work (which is just a few blocks from where we live).

These next pictures are a couple streets over from where we live now.

This last picture is the street your turn on to get to our new house. When I came upon this and couldn't turn to check on our house I panicked. But we were able to go around a different way and were relieved to see the house remained untouched, though surrounded by trees on the ground.

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