Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Favors

I went for a DIY wedding favor, and it ended up being quite the project. I saw the idea of doing birdseed hearts as wedding favors, and thought it would be perfect for our fall wedding. But I didn't anticipate how much work it would be, the potential for how it could go wrong, and I definitely didn't picture myself staying up late finishing them two nights before I got married.

Here is what it took...easy, right?
Silicone Heart Molds (Hobby Lobby)
Twine (Hobby Lobby)
Gelatine (Target)
Birdseed (Target)

Here is where the problems began...I didn't really measure, and it was kind of hard to figure out how much of each ingredient to put in each batch. It was about 3 packets of Gelatine for every 1 cup of water. And then i would just pour birdseed in until it reached the right consistency. Once I made the mixture (water + gelatine + birdseed) I would put a layer in the bottom of a heart mold, put the looped twine in the center, then put another layer of the birdseed on top.

Then I put the hearts on a cookie sheet (not all would fit) and put it in the refrigerator overnight. I made a few batches about a month before the wedding and stored in an air tight container.
Problem #1--I hadn't let them dry out enough before putting them in the airtight container and they began to grow mold. Lesson learned: Make a new batch, leave in the refrigerator a couple nights, then take out and leave at room temperature before storing in an air tight container. Do y'all feel sorry for my roommate, having to deal with all this in our kitchen? She was so sweet about it and acted like they weren't in the way...but they were everywhere!
Next Step: Order Bags. I ordered them here on etsy.

Problem #2-- The bags were too small and the birdseed hearts didn't fit! Lesson learned: Begged Etsy seller to let me return them and ordered more bags. Also, sent PDF of our "F" and had a personalized stamp made here.

Next go round I tried to use less water so they wouldn't grow mold...Problem #3--Didn't use enough water, hearts fell apart when I took them out of the molds.

All these problems brought us to about November 2nd. Arrive in Memphis for wedding week, and I'm making birdseed hearts like it is nobody's business. The playroom at my mom's house was covered with towels with birdseed hearts and fans set up to help them dry in time. No more time for problems, and thankfully no more problems!

Everybody jumped in to help stuff the bags, thank goodness!

When all was said and done they were perfect. Anybody need birdseed hearts? I'm now an expert!

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