Monday, March 21, 2011

The Loveliest Village on the Plains

This weekend we went to Auburn to visit friends. I hadn't been to Auburn since I moved out after graduation....How terrible is that? My tigers were national champs and I didn't make it down to 1 football game! Probably had something to do with the four month engagement. Anyways, I L-O-V-E Auburn in the spring and we had such a wonderful weekend on the plains. We stayed with Kari and Dan, but got to spend time with Sarah Beth and Tom once they got back from the beach on Saturday. Friday night we went to Amsterdam where I enjoyed every single bite of the Pepper Jack Grilled Chicken Sandwich! Saturday morning we went on a long walk, and I was quite the tourist. We went back to the BH and it was bittersweet seeing our old house! The girls who live there now were on spring break, but we ran into our landlord in the driveway and so we got to visit with him and go inside and check everything out.

Next stop, toomer's corner! They are working so hard to save the trees! They had dug down deep and were replacing the soil. When we were there they were spraying the roots with water. We of course had to snap some pictures.

Then we went inside Toomer's Corner and I got sweet tea. I know they are known for their lemonade, but their sweet tea is the absolute BEST. And we were thirsty after our long walk so it hit the spot!

We spent the rest of the day shopping downtown, going to tiger town, etc. Then Saturday night we grilled out and SB and Tom came over to play games. Sunday we went to church, went to laredo's, then hit the road.

It was the perfect weekend of doing all my favorite Auburn things, and we enjoyed spending time with friends so much. Being in a new town can be kind of hard sometimes and it was so refreshing to be around old friends. I surely won't wait so long before I hit the road to Auburn again.

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