Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 on the 23rd

Happy GOLDEN Birthday to my Sweet Friend Lacey!

If you want to see why she is the best friend a girl could ask for you can check out last year'spost! Lacey and I have celebrated our birthdays together since we were 17! Celebrating her birthday from 200 miles away is definitely not the same. We lived together all 4 years of college and moving to separate states has definitely been a challenge...but our separation has only made me more thankful for her friendship. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit, her encouragement, and her loyal friendship. So many of both my happiest and hardest moments have been experienced with Lace by my side. She played a huge part in so many important events the last year-college graduation, she helped Fletch scheme during our engagement, and she was there to keep me calm, cool, and collected during the wedding planning process. I am thankful that each year we continue to make memories and experience life together, whether it be in the same city or not!

22 has been good to's to 23!!!

Lace, I hope you have the BEST day ever!

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