Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend in Memphis...

This weekend we hit the road to Memphis, and enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my family. One of the main highlights was Saturday night....The moment Lacey and I have seriously been hoping for for the last 7 years... (dramatic? Probably.)

Steven and Maggie went to the Valentine's Dance together. My little brother + my best friend's little sister = the moment we've all been waiting for.

But seriously, it has been really fun to see Steven and Maggie become friends, and it was fun to be back at the Little's house taking pictures for a dance! It was weird to watch them stand on the same steps we stood on when we took all our high school pictures, but to not be the one going to the dance.

We all went to the Littles for the pictures! At one point Ev was making jabbering noises and one of the high schoolers was like "Is there a BABY here??" "Yes, tan girl in the short dress, there is a baby here." I didn't really say that, but I felt like saying it. The dresses have definitely gotten shorter since I left high school.

Every time we see Ev she is bigger and seems so much older! It is fun to see her change but always makes me wish I could see her more. She loves dogs and she likes to jabber. It is funny to see her look at her books and turn the pages and jabber like she is reading it. It was a great weekend, that went by too fast!


  1. i feel a little stalkerish since i haven't seen you in a while stephanie, but i love your recipes! i just had to comment on the short dress comment b/c you are so right! they have gotten soooo much shorter and tighter since we were in high school! hope you and fletcher are doing well!