Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Night Dinner...

One of my favorite things about Fletcher is his desire to recreate things. When I see something I like he has a common response of, "we can make that", whether it be food or projects around the house. It is so fun to have him around to help me figure out how to make things. One of the things that I L-O-V-E is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Amsterdam Cafe in Auburn (And I miss this restaurant LOTS). We recreated the sandwich one time while we were still at Auburn, so Friday night when we were craving Amsterdam, we knew the sandwiches would hit the spot...

Here's what ya need.

First, we put the ciabatta bread in oven on broil for just a few minutes to toast the bread, then added the chicken and bacon.

Then you put the cheese on top and put it all in the oven on broil...beware of the broiler---you have to watch it very carefully.

Wait until it comes out of the oven to add the spicy mayonnaise. And of course I went easy on the spicy mayonnaise because I don't like things too spicy!

And what was our side item? Sweet potato chips, of course! Just like Amsterdam itself. It was delicious!


  1. That's what I always order too! So tasty. I'll have to try out your version soon.