Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Headboard

This weekend Fletcher and I finished a product that we had started in December. During the craziness of the holidays we dropped the project, and kind of forgot about it...but this weekend we finished it and I am so pleased with the outcome! I have been loving the nail head look that is popular with furniture these days, so we set out to make a nail head headboard. First, Fletcher got a piece of wood cut at home depot. Then we got quilter's batting (from a fabric store) and used a staple gun to attach the batting to the wood. You had to be sure to pull the batting tight, then staple...

Next, we picked out the fabric, and used the staple gun again to cover the batting with the fabric. We wanted something neutral, but the decision was hard because of all the choices out there! We were drawn to the linen fabric, and even burlap, but finally settled on a brown textured fabric (Hancock fabrics).

At first we bought a package of nail heads from Lowe's and began nailing them in one at a time. This was a MISTAKE. It was really hard to get them to stay straight, and it would have seriously taken a lifetime. We ended up ordering a nailhead trim kit from http://www.beaconfabric.com/vindex.html.
This was much easier because it was already attached in a line, and you nailed in a nail every 5 nails.

It was still tricky keeping it straight, but in the end Fletch made it perfect.

And when I keep saying "we stapled" "we kept it straight", don't be fooled...I was mostly watching, as was the faithful dog Molls. She would sit as close as she could to the action, and then every time Fletcher would start to nail she would jump up and walk away. Over and Over again she came back then ran away.

I was so pleased when it was all done! I love having a husband who is good at projects! I like the idea of projects, but I have some trouble with the execution! So now y'all all need to come stay in our guest bedroom!


  1. The finished product is amazing! So impressed!! Can't wait to come sleep in that bed again!

  2. OH my word. obsessed. going to make one right now. well, when I move to Memphis and have a bed to make it for:)