Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank you very much...

I am currently super-overwhelmed by the amount of thank you notes I still have left to write. We have gotten so many great gifts and I want to get my thank you notes out in a timely manner. I wrote thank you notes up until a week before we got married, in an effort to have fewer to write after the wedding. I wrote some when we got back in November, and honestly didn't write very many in December because of the stress level at work. In January I've gotten back at it. The other day I went through my list to see where I stood....after having written them for the last 6 months you can imagine my disappointment when I counted 89 thank you notes left to write! In hopes of not letting them get away from me I've made a new goal...I want to finish them by the end of February. One happy part of writing thank you notes is that I love my stationary. The same lady who designed our invitations designed 3 different style thank you notes as well as enclosure cards. All the paper involved with the wedding go together and match our invitation, which makes me happy! As I spend so much time thinking about thank you notes I have a few tips for the brides out there...

1. It really is worth it to write as many thank you notes as you can before the wedding. After the wedding you would much rather spend your time hanging out with your husband. Plus it is exhausting to plan a wedding and I definitely felt like doing nothing after we got back from the honeymoon!

2. One thing I would encourage every bride to do is to start a google document (it is a component of google where you can store spreadsheets, word documents, etc). Fletcher and I made the guest list on a google doc so that we were both able to access it. My google doc has 5 columns. The full name that went on the front of the invitation, the address, the names on the inner envelope, the gift, and then a column for me to write the date when I wrote the thank you note. It is so helpful! If I could give one piece of wedding planning advice it would be to make sure you have a gmail account and to manage your guest list through a google documents. It is the best way to keep things organized.

3. Up until this week I felt bad asking Fletcher to help with thank you notes. But as soon as I asked him he happily agreed. So don't feel bad asking for help! The groom can be thankful too!

4. Invest in a return address stamp. I wish I knew how many hours I had spent writing our return address. Because our current residence is so temporary I couldn't rationalize spending the money to invest in a nice stamp when we will be moving in a couple months. But I kind of wish I had. And if you are living somewhere for a while, invest in a stamp! It will be so worth it!

5. Bite the bullet when it comes to stamps. I have been to the post office so many times to buy stamps (and I didn't even get the ones that went on the wedding invitations). I finally realized I just needed to buy 100 stamps every time I went because I was going through them so fast.

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