Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day + Game Day

Much like the rest of the south I am snowed in in Alabama! I didn't know snow days existed in the real world, and I've been loving a day stuck inside. I am still in my pajamas and have spent the morning doing some much needed cleaning and organizing. It is kind of nice not to be able to leave the house. One thing I tackled this morning was our pantry. I wondered how after two months it was already time to clean it out, but we never really organized it in the first place so it ended up being quite the project. Many of you know this, but Fletcher has an unreal love for things on clearance/on sale. Well, his love led to this...

Did your jaw just drop? Probably! This is what happens when target puts pasta on sale. If any of you have any great pasta recipes, please send them my way. All this pasta takes up almost an entire shelf in our small pantry. But I did my best to organize it.

And of course I can't blog today without mentioning the big event that is taking place in less than 9 hours...

Snow day + Auburn game day = the best day ever! Can't wait to cheer on the tigers!!

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