Sunday, December 19, 2010


Our lives have been crazy these last two weeks, but it is all hopefully about to slow down and I will have the chance to blog about all that has been going on. The most exciting event of the last two weeks is that we had our FIRST visitors come stay with us....

We have been looking forward to their visit all month and it was so fun to have them! They were in town because Rob had a residency interview at UAB. Unfortunately, I don't think UAB pulled through for me with winning Rob over, but it was great to have them in Birmingham for a couple days. On Thursday night Rob and Allison had a dinner for all the applicants, and Fletcher had to close so it was just me and Ev. We made sure to do super fun things like play in front of the mirror and play with Aunt Steph's brush.

They came to visit me at work and we went fun places to eat. I hated that I had to be at work while they were here and wanted so badly just to take a day off, but it was still so great to have them here!

No matter where they end up for residency, Aunt Steph expects more visits to come!

I am counting down until I get to see them again! And next time I will see them I will also be with the rest of my family, including Ab and Matt and their baby BOY on the way! Exactly one week from today we will all be together!

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