Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Take Two!

The day after Christmas I hit the road to Memphis. I have never had such negative feelings towards snow as I did that morning! I couldn't believe when I woke up to snow on the ground and roads! I was determined to make the trip so even though it took longer than usual, I made it safe and sound! I was so happy to get some time in Memphis (32 hours to be exact) and to see my family, but I was wishing Fletcher would have been able to be there with me!

We opened presents Sunday afternoon and then had a big Christmas dinner.

It was fun to celebrate Ev's first Christmas! Even though her favorite part of her presents was definitely the wrapping paper. But look how cute she is in her Christmas dress!

We also got to see all the fun presents for the Baby that is on the way!

Ev can't wait to meet her cousin!

The next morning we had a big breakfast and Grandaddy got to come. It was such a special time and so good to see him outside of the nursing home. Overall the trip to Memphis was great, just too short!

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  1. Steph!!! So Sweet! Eve is adorable in her Christmas Dress! Sooooo happy Grandaddy got to come!! Missing you.