Thursday, December 30, 2010

And thats a wrap!

2010 has no doubt been the most exciting and significant year that I have experienced in my 22 years. I am so thankful for such a wonderful year. This year has involved more beginnings and endings than any other year! I usually have a hard time with change, but there have been so many happy changes this year and I have much to be thankful for...

January 2010, My mom and Frank got married.

March 2010, Fletcher gives me one of my favorite birthday presents ever! The birthday present that has forever changed my blog, memories, and picture frames!

April 2010, I'm an aunt! Ev makes her debut into the world on Fletcher's birthday!

May 2010, I graduated from Auburn and said goodbye to life in the Beach House, and the life in Auburn that I had come to love so much in my 4 years there.

June 1, 2010...I began life in the real world and started my job at Ashley Mac's.

June 26, 2010. I said "Yes" to the sweetest boy I've ever known and began a whirlwind of wedding planning.

September 2010, Bachelorette party at the Lake!
October 2010, Found out my life as an aunt was about to be double the fun, turns out there is a baby underneath that pink shirt on the left!

November 6th, 2010. I marry my best friend.

December 2010, enjoy our first newlywed Christmas season!

There is already so much that I am excited about in 2011, but 2010 has been so great it's kinda sad to see it end! I look back at 2010 with a full heart and look forward to seeing all the Lord has in store for 2011!

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  1. Steph! This made me cry. I am so proud of all the change you went through this year and how you handled it with such grace! I love you and can not wait to see you!!!