Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Told preacher man well yes I do, uh huh..."

I have been so eager to blog but we don't have internet yet so it has made blogging impossible! I feel like I have so much from the wedding that I want to blog about that I don't even know where to start! So today I'm just going to post some of my favorite pictures that I have of the day, and then I will go back and do more specific posts later...hopefully sooner rather than later! It blew my mind how fast November 6th went by. I like looking back at the pictures to help me remember, because it feels like it went by so fast I could hardly soak up all the details.

First off, the whole sunny with a high of 72 was nowhere near close! Thank you 10-day forecast for getting my hopes up! It was a beautiful sunny day, but the high was 52, and it was cold! This picture makes me laugh because it shows how they tried to keep warm in their bridesmaids dresses!

A pre-make up picture with Lace. Anna did my makeup and she did such a great job! Thank goodness for the peanut queen at times like this!

Ev was quite taken with the details on my dress...

Fletcher and I exchanged letters and one of my favorite parts of the day was reading his letter. He also gave me diamond earrings as a gift. I looked up from reading the letters with tears in my eyes and everyone watching me was crying too!

Hard to believe that the last cox girl has tied the knot!

And last, but definitely not least, a picture of me with all my bridesmaids. I have gotten such grief about having so many, but with so many dear friends I couldn't have imagined getting married without them at my side. And look how cute they are! If they were your friends you would have them all too!

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  1. Hey Stephanie--great to see your post! Beautiful pictures from a beautiful day.