Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My half of the wedding party

I could not have asked for better friends to stand beside me on November 6th. The thing that makes them all so special is not only did they stand beside me as I made a covenant before the Lord and began a new chapter of my life, but they have all walked with me through so many life experiences that brought me to that point. All of my relationships are different, but they are all so special. Fletcher and I were so thankful to be surrounded by such loving and faithful friends as we made this commitment to the each other and to the Lord. I wish I could introduce you to all of the individually and say how much their friendship has meant to me, but that would probably take weeks for me to write! So I will try to be concise. Saturday morning we had the bridesmaid's luncheon and it was a great way to start the day and a good way to keep my mind at ease.

I thought for a long time about what I wanted to do for bridesmaids gifts and I thought through a bunch of different ideas. Then I decided to do aprons since I love to bake so much! I gave them a pair of earrings to wear on the day and then aprons. Which my sister Ab MADE! It was a huge gift to me! I had told my mom I wanted to do aprons, but I hadn't told anyone else. Then one day Ab called (she had recently really gotten into sewing) and she said "I'm not pressuring you, but if you want to do aprons for your bridesmaids I would love to make them." At first I was mad at my mom because I thought she had told Ab, but she hadn't! Ab had thought of it on her own. I was like "that is EXACTLY what I wanted to do!" So bless her heart she took on the project...all while in her first trimester of pregnancy, which I didn't know about until she was almost done with the aprons. But she spent so much time and effort on the project and they turned out PERFECTLY! They are so cute! She did three different patterns, which you can kind of see in the front row of the picture.

Two of the most important people to me in the world! My sisters and matrons of honor, Allison and Ab. We have gotten each other through life's most significant and most trivial events. November 6th would not have gone so smoothly if it weren't for all they did to help me!

Grammy, Mom, Allison, Me, and Ab at the bridesmaids lunch.

Me with my high school friends. Lacey, Julie, Whitney, Rachel, Lauren, and Katey. We were all so close in high school and it has been neat to see how our friendships have not only remained, but grown closer through college. All of them went to UT for college except me and Lace. But we remained close despite the miles between us and always love being together again.

Junior year of college Kari, Lacey, and Emily-our RUF intern-did a small bible study together. Kari, Lacey, and I continued it through senior year and it was such a bright spot in my week through those two years. We got together with our coffee and our cookies and spilled our hearts, laughed together, and cried together. It has been such a joy to continue her friendship and the fact that her husband is one of Fletcher's best friend is an added bonus!

The Beach House. Lace, Anna, Leah, Kree, and Sarah Beth. For 2 years the 6 of us lived together and spent almost every waking minute together. We experienced football games, margarita nights, formals, cookouts, bonfires, christmas seasons, thanksgiving feasts, and so much more together. One of the hardest parts of the real world has been trying to figure out how to live our separate lives. We live for weekend reunions and love an excuse to all be together again.

Madison and Chloe were my program attendants. I babysat them for 4 summers straight. It seems like a joke that I was their babysitter because now they tower over me! It meant so much to me to have them be part of our wedding!

Danielle read scripture in the wedding. She read Ephesians 3:16-19. Danielle is the reason that Fletcher and I are even together in the first place! Danielle means so much to both me and Fletcher and she is the one who insisted that we go on a date! So we have a lot to thank her for! She has been such a sweet friend to both of us and we were so happy to have her be a part of our day. Also, Danielle is one of the most faithful readers of the Word that I know, so it meant even more to me that she be the one who read in our wedding.

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  1. I got a shout-out on your blog! I feel famous :) Your wedding was beautiful Steph. And I love reading your blog :)