Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What do you do two weeks before your get married?
1. Pack up all your stuff in preparation to move in just a few days
2. Pack for the honeymoon
3. Work on little wedding day details that seem to have slipped your mind up to this point
4. Write the many looming thank you notes
5. Visit your best friend

Can you guess which one I chose for this weekend? Obviously amidst all the stressful/tedious options, visiting your best friend stands out as the obvious choice. This weekend I went to Nashville to visit Lace one last time before I tied the knot and it was the perfect weekend! I decided not to leave until Saturday morning because I had to work late on Friday, and on Friday night I convinced Anna that she just drive from Dothan to Birmingham to hitch a ride with me to Nashville. Anna's boyfriend is in law school at Vanderbilt and she didn't have much going on in Dothan this weekend so after some convincing from me she got in the car at 8:30 on Friday night and drove to Birmingham, pulling in at midnight on the dot! It was SO fun to see her unexpectedly and of course it made the car ride 1000x better! Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30 and hit the road by 7:30 in hopes to make the most of our Saturday in Nashville.

If you'll notice we have all the essentials for an early morning car ride. Chicken biscuits, large coffees, ipod, cell phone, GPS, and of course...last but not least, finger nail polish!

Once we arrived bright and early in Nashville Lace and I headed to Centennial Park for a picnic. Pimento cheeses + fuji apples + pita chips + Lacey's sweet tea = perfect.

If I had my camera at hand all weekend then I would probably have taken 100 pictures of the trees! All the leaves were changing and it was absolutely beautiful. During half time of the Auburn game Lace and I went on a walk and we were loving the fall leaves! After cheering our tigers on to victory we went to Franklin and met Kree for Mexican. Delicious!

After our delicious Pancho's we went and saw Life as We Know It. It was just like it used to be in auburn, mexican + the movies. The only thing missing were the rest of the beach house, and of course the popcorn bucket! I LOVED Life as We Know It! So cute! I'm no movie critic, I'm just a sucker for a good romantic comedy!

I am very pleased with my decision to head to Nashville for the weekend. I mean look how cute Lace is! You would want to visit her too if she was your best friend! We definitely had a packed weekend! Picnic, Auburn Football, Walks, Mexican, Chick Flick, Shopping, Pillow Talk, and much more!