Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Night Updates

I am officially really bad at answering my phone. I've been pretty bad at the past couple of months, but I feel like I have gotten worse in the last week, and I don't picture it getting any better in the next two weeks. Everyone has been so sweet to be excited about how close the wedding is, and really interested to get updates, so as lame as this is, here they come...

1. We have somewhere to live! This has been quite the headache over the last few months, we wanted so badly to buy a house but after a few houses didn't end up being what we had thought, we knew we were out of time and had to find somewhere asap. We found a townhouse to rent on Monday and signed the lease yesterday. It is 1 minute from where I work, 2 minutes from Publix, and 3 minutes from the about convenient! I have to be moved out of my house now by the 31st, we are moving our stuff in on the 30th...down to the wire!

2. I have started to wake up almost every hour of the night. I don't feel specifically anxious about any certain thing, but my subconscious must be anxious! I feel like there are still alot of little details left to do and I am so scared I'll forget something.

3. I don't have anything to wear to the rehearsal dinner! A girl at work is very concerned about me, her exact words to me yesterday..."Have you found something yet?? I mean I can't believe you. I was in a panic until yesterday because I didn't have an outfit for halloween, I can't believe you don't have a dress!" We have this conversation every day, and it never fails, someone walks up in the middle of the conversation and thinks I don't have a wedding dress yet! But seriously...any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. I'm picky and want it to be perfect, I think thats why I'm having so much trouble!

4. My room is a disaster. Having to pack up my summer clothes, clean out my old clothes, pack up my stuff to move, and pack for the honeymoon has proved itself to be quite the task. I feel like I need to post a picture for those of you who think I'm super organized, just so you'll know the truth! But alas, I'm too embarrassed!

And just so I don't leave you with a completely pictureless post...

I was DYING to get this candle a couple weeks ago, it smells incredible and smells just like fall happiness. Fletcher however, not convinced it was worth the money. He explained to me exactly how many minutes I had to work to earn the amount that the candle cost and asked me if it was worth it, to which I replied YES! The story ended with him finding the BABY version of the candle and telling me I could get that one. Well I've lit it like 3 times and blown it out after 15 minutes each time because it was wasting away. So tonight I went to target (unsupervised, this is what happens when Fletcher works at night) and decided that in celebration of having somewhere to live we needed the big candle! It was on sale, and I bought it! It makes me so happy! (Please note baby candle to the left.)


  1. My advice for the rehearsal dinner dress is to squeeze in some shopping time and try not to be looking for the dress. I found mine when I wasn't really looking for it, I was looking for some stuff for the honeymoon.

    Everything will come together and it will be beautiful! And you will still be married at the end of the day :)
    Enjoy it !

  2. go to the LOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just laughed out loud about the candle...HAHAHA

  3. Steph, you might need to remind Fletch that nothing...NOTHING comes between a BHer and her fav. candle.

    That is truth. We will always find a good excuse to spend the exorbitant amount of money on them.

    PS. I'm liking the update. :)

  4. So glad you finally got the candle!! I'm sure Fletch is going to love it but he might not admit it! Can't wait for the BIG event!!!!