Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen Shower

This weekend my mom's prayer group gave me a Kitchen shower. It was such a sweet time with my friends, as well as my mom's friends. I got TONS of great kitchen things! I got some big things-Kitchen aid mixer, food processor, crock pot, etc...as well as all the great small utensils and kitchen tools. Also, they had all the ladies write down an "ingredient" for a happy marriage, which was really special to hear such valuable advice. And it was neat because there were people who had been married a few months (Sarah and Emily) and people who had been married years and years, it was a great combination of ingredients.

Grammy gave us a quilt that she had made back in 1996! I told her it was a good thing I ended up getting married or else I wouldn't have been able to get the quilt! I love quilts and it is such a special gift that will last us forever.

One of the things I have been continually struck by during our engagement is the support of our friends and families. My family, friends, my mom's friends, fletcher's family, his family's friends...all have just showered us with love and support,and it has been so humbling for so many people to share in our excitement. I am thankful for friends and family!

The rest of the weekend in memphis was the perfect blend of productivity + relaxation. I took Monday off work to stay in Memphis and knock things out. My mom and I spent the weekend buzzing all over Memphis to cross things off our list. When I was leaving it was hard to believe I won't be home again until the big event!

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