Thursday, September 30, 2010

Double Time

Yesterday when I got to work one of the guys in the kitchen asked me if I was hungover. I thought "no I look like this because I worked 13 hours yesterday" but instead I said "No, I'm just that tired." So this morning in an effort to NOT look hungover I woke up earlier so that I could have 2 cups of coffee...hoping that might help. I'm undecided whether or not it had any effect on the way my eyes look. Fletcher and I are taking our engagement pictures this weekend (I know its late in the game) and I need to figure out how to not look hungover in the pictures! If you have any suggestions for how to give a boost to your eyes, let me know. Is it time for me to whip out some cucumbers?

1 comment:

  1. Concealer under the eyes + eyeliner. They better be paying you adequately for all this work! And yay for engagement pics! I remember the day Rob and I did ours downtown. Such a fun day. I hope you can both be fully in the moment and enjoy them!