Monday, August 30, 2010

I could really use a wish right now...

Well folks, all this registering has made my mind a steady stream of wish lists! Target has some boots I've been eyeing and when I was looking at them online it had an option of "add this to your registry" and I was very tempted! Also a problem is that I feel a large need during this season of my life to have new clothes, whether it be for engagement pictures, honeymoon, showers, or just because Fletcher isn't going to think its worth buying when we get married. All of these reasons have caused me to spend more money on clothes then ever before! These are the things I'm currently mulling over...

Item #1 unfortunately I couldn't get the picture to work right, but it can be found here:


In Stitches, Fall 2010. Essie's fall collection comes out on Wednesday!

Velvet Velyour, Fall 2010.


And although unrelated to everything else in this post, I'm DYING for this cookbook. I've almost bought it so many times but I've resisted.

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  1. perfectly acceptable to add random things to your registry... we did .. ha ha