Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Part II: Family

As I put these pictures on my computer I realized that as much as I enjoyed spending time with each and every one of my family members, there is one particular family member that I seemed to get the most pictures of. I'm sure no one is surprised by that! Every July Ab and Matt make a "trip across the southeast" and see Matt's family and our family. When they come, we all come! Since we don't see them as much as we would like because Charleston is kind of far away, we take any chance we can to see them. And our cousins and Aunt and Uncle even came across to participate in the family time! It was so great. I missed alot of the family togetherness but the time I did spend with them was great. So consider this beginning of the Evelyn show. She's the only one I really have pictures with!

Ev loves SuSu!

Grammy always says Allison and I sound the exact same on the phone. So I have a secret hope that Ev will think I seem familiar because I have a similar voice as her mom! I don't think it really works like that though.

Ev loves Uncle Fletcher! I think she knows that they have a special birthday bond! Both April 21 birthdays! Only 24 years apart!

No matter how happy Ev is with all of us, she loves her mom the most! I think Evelyn is one of the happiest babies! She is almost always smiling or making sweet little noises.

In addition to spending alot of time with friends and family, Fletcher and I got alot done this weekend. We met with the invitation lady to design our invitation, we registered at Gift & Art (which meant picking our everyday and fine china...took over 2 hours!), we met with the florist, we researched rehearsal dinner places, we picked a reception spot, and I got my stringy hair cut! It was quite the weekend. I started out saying this weekend was a whirlwind, but I think I have used "whirlwind of a weekend" before and I probably am going to feel like saying that about every weekend between now and November 6th, so I refrained from making that the title of the blog post. I feel good about what we are getting done, and still overwhelmed by what is left to do. One day at a time I guess!


  1. Uncle Fletcher!! wierd but AWESOME!

  2. you have blog, super way to keep in touch. i do to www.jewels-blog.com so fun! congrats on your engagement too. funny...you have erika in your sidebar as a link. i worked for her last summer. she's awesome!