Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing's Sweeter Than Summertime...

It has hardly felt like summer since I have entered the real world. The only thing to remind me that it is summertime is the blistering heat. But the days of laying in the sun, eating snobiz or ice cream, and spending lots of time outside by the water have been nonexistent. So this weekend at the lake was just what I needed! I left Friday night after work and headed to Pickwick to spend the weekend at the Little's. We have been going to Lacey's house every summer since Sophomore year! It was so great to be back again and to get to spend time with Lacey and her family, and Julie got to go too! We spent Saturday and Sunday on the lake tubing and riding the jet ski. Mrs. Little took pictures of us tubing but I don't have any to share with you. Mrs. Little has taken pictures every single summer, and I was looking at them this weekend and realizing that I look the exact same in the pictures from every summer. This summer my 22 year old tubing self looks no different than my 15 year old tubing self...Sad. While we were getting thrown around on the tubes Lacey asked when we were going to be too old to tube anymore. When I've woke up sore three days straight, I'm beginning to wonder if that time has come! But I can't be that lame...Saturday night we went out on the boat to drive to see the fireworks.

It was so relaxing to sit in the back of the boat and just enjoy the fireworks.

The weekend was the perfect combination of relaxation, time with friends, and fun on the lake. The work week came back around entirely too soon! But I can't complain because I'm leaving after work on Thursday to go home for Whitney's wedding festivities. So yay for a 3 day work week!!

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  1. I took me a solid 5 days for my body to recover!