Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Show Must Go On...

I had intentions of my next blog post being about all of my favorite parts of my life in Birmingham. But today, I decided that post would have to wait as I blogged about my day today. All the professors in our major used to go on and on about how in the hospitality industry you had to know how to adapt when things go wrong or when you get thrown a curveball. Well I'm in week 3 now of my job, and today that stressful situation became a reality. The day was off to a stressful start because we had a ton of catering orders, and the phone was ringing off the hook with people calling to order things for Father's Day. Tonight we had a huge dinner at the botanical gardens, a dinner for 50 people, and then a dinner for like 25. So it was a very hectic day and as the afternoon went on it only got more hectic...And then at 3:30 the power went out and PANIC struck. The ovens were full of food for the events for the night and there were still alot of orders left to come and pick up in the afternoon. Not to mention it was hot as hades outside. Which meant it was hot as hades inside too within a matter of minutes. We went and put anything we could fit in the oven in the pizza place next door. And then I ran across the parking lot to the Piggly Wiggly to talk to the manager to see if we could use their oven. So just so you can get the correct mental image, me sprinting in the 100 degree Alabama heat across a parking lot in my skirt and sandals. So then I make it to the Piggly Wiggly, sweating and ask the manager (who was missing his bottom teeth) if we could use his oven. He said "Well I don't know if we have an oven..." and then stared at me blankly. They ended up having a small oven back in the deli, but we didn't use it because by that time the power had come back on. After like 45 minutes of it being out! And then in an effort not to blow the fuse box again, we left all the lights off and the air conditioning off. So there we were...5 panicked employees rushing around in the hot and dark kitchen trying to get everything out the door that we could. We were all sweating! ended up all working out, the orders were about 5-10 minutes late to their destinations, but they made it! Then to top it all off, I drove home and sat in 280 traffic for 30 minutes. I thought...this really is the icing on the cake of a long day! But on the bright side...Fletch took me to Yogurt Lab (my new favorite place) after dinner AND my roommate and I got internet and cable at our house today! Hooray for technology!


  1. o my word!!!!!!!! that just made me really stressed...i think my heart rate went up. yay for internet!

  2. "Yes, I love technology
    But not as much as you, you see
    But I still love technology
    Always and forever."

    Name that movie.

    Also-really, really stressful day at work!

  3. sweating just reading this. can't believe you left this story out of our convo! Also the big news that you got cable AND internet. no more silent dinners! Can't wait until this weekend!